e 1.1. Switzerland - Japan:  imports, exports and trade balances 2021.  Swiss exports to Japan 2021:       CHF 7,628,975,479     + 9.7% vs 2020. Swiss imports from Japan 2021:  CHF  3,891,785,203    + 5.5% vs 2020. For more details: - Swiss exports, imports and trade balances by countries: click here - Swiss exports to Japan, by products: click here - Swiss imports  from Japan, by products: click here.   1.2. Switzerland - Japan import-exports: historical data (1985 - 2021). To see the long-term evolution of Swiss imports from and exports to Japan,  data: click here chart: click here 2.   Switzerland - Japan: direct investments.           2.1. Japan direct investment in Switzerland. In 2018, companies domiciled in Japan invested CHF 780 million in Switzerland. At the end of 2018, (latest data available), Japanese capital stock in Switzerland amounted to CHF 27,6 billion. 2.2. Swiss direct investment in Japan. In 2018, Swiss companies invested CHF 2.3 billion in Japan, At the end of 2018 (last data available), Swiss direct investment in Japan amounted to CHF 16.6 billion. See the details: - Swiss direct investment abroad in 2018: click here. - Swiss direct investment abroad - stock end of 2018: click here. - Swiss direct investment abroad - number of people employed end of 2018: click here. - Foreign direct investment in Switzerland in 2018: click here. - Foreign direct investment in Switzerland - stock end of 2018: click here. - Swiss direct investment in Japan 2008_2019: click here. About 230 Swiss companies are legally present in Japan, with representative offices, branch offices or subsidiary companies. The JETRO Invest Japan Report 2018 (latest available) shows that Switzerland was the seventh main investor in Japan at the end of 2017, after the USA, the Netherlands, France, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands. Sources: -   - Swiss National Bank - International Economic Affairs. -   - JETRO Invest Japan Report 2018.. 3.   Main bilateral agreements.     3.1.   Free Trade Agreement.  On September 01, 2009, a “Free Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement” entered into effect between Switzeland and Japan. It was  seen as the most important trade agreement signed by Switzerland since the 1972 FTA between Switzerland and the European Community.  Among the topics covered by this FTEPA are customs tarifs, rules of origin, investment protection, intellectual property, access to public  markets, etc.                     3.2.   Double Taxation Agreement.                 The revised Double Taxation Agreement DTA with Japan was signed on May 21, 2011 and entered into force on January 01, 2012.                 
                                          SWITZERLAND - JAPAN: intense trade and investments. 1. Swiss imports, exports and trade balances in 2021.         




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