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Swiss trade with Japan in 2020. Source: Total Trade 1. Swiss exports to Japan:    CHF 6,942,976,829 - 14.2% vs 2019. More details: Swiss exports to Japan 2020 Swiss imports from Japan: CHF 3,687,499,803 +  9.9% vs 2019. More details: Swiss imports from Japan 2020 Swiss imports, exports and trade balances 2020 - by countries: click here Switzerland-Japan imports and export 1985-2020 - data - chart. Swiss trade with Japan: record exports in 2019. January 31, 2020. Source: Swiss Federal Customs Administration. In 2019, Swiss exports to Japan amounted to CHF 8,000 million, an increase of CHF 357 million or 4.7% vs 2018. For the first time, Swiss exports to Japan exceeded the CHF 8 billion mark. In 2019, Swiss imports from Japan amounted to CHF 3,355 million, a decrease of CHF 39 million or 1.2% vs 2018. The trade balance in favor of Switzerland amounted to CHF 4,645 million, an increase of CHF 397 million or 9.4% versus 2018. Note that Japan shows for Switzerland the second most important trade balance, just after the USA. See more details under “Switzerland-Japan”. Direct investment Switzerland-Japan. The Swiss National Bank published on December 13, 2019 a press release and a report about Swiss direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment in Switzerland. Interesting points: - in 2018, companies domiciled in Switzerland invested CHF 2,359 million in Japan: - at the end of 2018, their direct investment stock in Japan amounted to CHF 16,611 million; - at the end of 2018, companies domiciled in Switzerland employed 35,078 persons in Japan; - in 2018, Japan-domiciled companies invested CHF 780 million in Switzerland; - at the end of 2018, these companes owned an investment stock of CHF 27,606 million in Switzerland. See more details under “Switzerland-Japan”. Source:
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